My first blog – an introduction

So, hello! My name is Melissa and I am almost 22 years old. This is my first blog I have ever done, so bare with me. I am a college student, and absolutely love it. I love education and learning so much and am always up to learning new things. I love art and expression which inspired me to start this page. I have come a long way in my life and am very strong willed. I will be using this blog to post all sorts of things; poems, thoughts, articles, facts, inspiration, and whatever else I think of! I am a recovering addict, a kind soul, and a fitness fanatic. A lot of my blogs will focus on the benefits of having health and fitness be a part of the recovery journey. I am heavily tattooed, I love Alice in Wonderland, hippos, horror films, and rock music. I am engaged and in the summer it will be our 7 year anniversary. I hope my thoughts can help some, and if not, maybe we can just simply relate. I am so excited to do this and cannot wait to (hopefully) make an impact.


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