My Mind Is A Rollercoaster and I’m Just Along for The Ride…A Day in The Life of a Complex Mind

My mind is like a maze, misleading and mesmerizing

Thoughts that once seemed so understandable, are now a blur

One minute you know exactly where you’re going, the next, nothing around you seems to make sense

Not realizing that what now doesn’t make sense is exactly what needs to be left behind

At times, these thoughts could kill

But at times, these thoughts could save

Happiness, sadness, anger, and fear; A day in the life of a complex mind

An emotional recipe for both disaster and inspiration

Climbing through the darkest thoughts

Spiraling down in to the bottomless pit I know as my mind

Then suddenly, it happens; something clicks

The flame that once flickered so frantically is now steady, I can breathe

Drowning in laughter, pure euphoria

With a smile as big as the sun

Emotions so strong, and feelings so passionate

These thoughts could move mountains

Being human is strange; being human is beautiful

When the mind is allowed to experience every emotion, that is what it means to be alive